Live Webinar: Coding Interview Questions – Master the techniques they are looking for

Webinar title Coding Interview Questions – Master the techniques they are looking for

Speaker Rune from Learn Python With Rune.

Description In this webinar Rune will look at how to solve coding challenges. But without a computer! This is very common at interview for a position as a software developers.

Really? But that is not fair, I can solve any problem if I have access to the internet!

The truth is, nobody master all the challenges they ask for. But… they are looking for something…

In this Webinar you will see what to do, when you have no idea how to solve a problem. Basically, how to get started and move on.

This will be a practical Webinar with real examples from real job interviews.

The Webinar will use a board to draw solutions and make pseudo code along with it.

Finally, you will get insights into how you are evaluated afterwards.

You will get great tips on how to break problems down and know what they are looking for in job interviews. This is a great chance to improve your skills and get comfortables with job interviews.

At the end there will be a Q&A with Rune.

About Rune He has conducted more than 100+ job interviews for positions for software developers. All of them have include programming or technical questions. He also holds a PhD in computers science and more than 10 years of professional experience in the software industry.

When Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 starting at 10am UTC+1

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