Performance comparison of Numba vs Vectorization vs Lambda function with NumPy

What will we cover in this tutorial? We will continue our investigation of Numba from this tutorial. Numba is a just-in-time compiler for Python that works amazingly with NumPy. As we saw in the last tutorial, the built in vectorization can depending on the case and size of instance be faster than Numba. Here we will explore that … Read more

Pandas: Data Preparation with Vectorized Strings vs Lambda Functions

What will we cover in this tutorial? Understand the challenge Most of the time when you read data into a pandas DataFrame it need to be prepared. To be more concrete, let’s look at an example. Let’s consider we want to look at the List of largest companies by revenue on Wikipedia. You can read … Read more

Master the NumPy Basics

What will we cover in this Tutorial If you are starting from scratch with NumPy and do not know what ndarray is, then you should read this tutorial first. Arithmetics with NumPy An amazing feature with ndarrays is that you do not need to make for–loops for simple operations. This looks too good to be … Read more