Twitter-API + Python: Mapping all Your Followers Locations on a Choropleth Map

What will we cover in this tutorial? How to find all the locations of your followers on Twitter and create a choropleth map (maps where the color of each shape is based on the value of an associated variable) with all countries. This will all be done by using Python. This is done in connection … Read more

How to Create a Sentiment Analysis model to Predict the Mood of Tweets with Python – 4 Steps to Compare the Mood of Python vs Java

What will we cover in this tutorial? Step 1: Install the Natural Language Toolkit Library and Download Collections We will use the Natural Language Toolkit (nltk) library in this tutorial. NLTK is a leading platform for building Python programs to work with human language data. To install the library you should run the following … Read more

A Simple 7 Step Guide to Implement a Prediction Model to Filter Tweets Based on Dataset Interactively Read from Twitter

What will we learn in this tutorial How Machine Learning works and predicts. What you need to install to implement your Prediction Model in Python A simple way to implement a Prediction Model in Python with persistence How to simplify the connection to the Twitter API using tweepy Collect the training dataset from twitter interactively … Read more