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    Master Markowitz Portfolio Optimization (Efficient Frontier) in Python using Pandas

    What is Markowitz Portfolios Optimization (Efficient Frontier)? The Efficient Frontier takes a portfolio of investments and optimizes the expected return in regards to the risk. That is to find the optimal return for a risk. According to investopedia.org the return is based on the expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and risk metric is the … Read more

    Multiple Time Frame Analysis on a Stock using Pandas

    What will we investigate in this tutorial? A key element to success in trading is to understand the market and the trend of the stock before you buy it. In this tutorial we will not cover how to read the market, but take a top-down analysis approach to stock prices. We will use what is … Read more

    Master Dow Theory with Python Pandas

    What will we cover in this tutorial? Dow theory was proposed by Charles H. Dow and is not an exact science. It is more how to identify trends in the market. In this tutorial we investigate the approach by testing it on data. Notice, that there are various ways to interpret it and often it … Read more