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    NumPy: Analyse Narcissistic Personality Indicator Numerical Dataset

    What is Narcissistic Personality Indicator and how does it connect to NumPy? NumPy is an amazing library that makes analyzing data easy, especially numerical data. In this tutorial we are going to analyze a survey with 11.000+ respondents from an interactive Narcissistic Personality Indicator (NPI) test. Narcissism in personality trait generally conceived of as excessive … Read more

    Pandas: How to Sum Groups from HTML Tables

    What will we cover in this tutorial? Step 1: Collect the data from the table Pandas is an amazing library with a lot of useful data analysis functionality right out of the box. First step in any data analysis is to collect the data. In this tutorial we will collect the data from wikipedia’s page … Read more

    Pandas and Folium: Categorize GDP Growth by Country and Visualize on Map in 3 Easy Steps

    What will we cover in this tutorial? Step 1: Get the data and merge it The data is available on wikipedia on List of countries by past and projected GDP. We will focus on data from 1990 to 2019. At first glance on the page you notice that the date is not gathered in one … Read more