Find the Nearest Smaller Element on Left Side in an Array – Understand the Challenge to Solve it Efficiently

The Nearest Smaller Element problem explained:

Given an array (that is a list) of integers, for each element find all the nearest element smaller on the left side of it.

The naive solution has time complexity O(n^2). Can you solve it in O(n)? Well, you need to have a Stack to do that.

The naive solution is for each element to check all the elements on the left of it, to find the first one which is smaller.

The worst case run time for that would be O(n^2). For an array of length n, it would take: 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + … + (n-1) comparisons. = (n-1)*n/2 = O(n^2) comparisons.

But with a stack we can improve that.

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