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    Master Markowitz Portfolio Optimization (Efficient Frontier) in Python using Pandas

    What is Markowitz Portfolios Optimization (Efficient Frontier)? The Efficient Frontier takes a portfolio of investments and optimizes the expected return in regards to the risk. That is to find the optimal return for a risk. According to investopedia.org the return is based on the expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and risk metric is the … Read more

    Pandas and Finance: Make Candlestick Plot

    What will we cover in this tutorial? A quick way to make a candlestick plot using the mplfinance library on financial data in Pandas DataFrames. The code It is straight forward to achieve by using the new matplotlib finance API. The data can be collected by using Pandas-datareader with the open Yahoo! Finance API. The … Read more

    Visualize Inflation for 2019 using Pandas-datareader and GeoPandas

    What will we cover in this tutorial? In this tutorial we will visualize the inflation on a map. This will be done by getting the inflation data directly from World Bank using the Pandas-datareader. This data will be joined with data from GeoPandas, which provides a world map we can use to create a Choropleth … Read more