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    Pandas and Folium: Categorize GDP Growth by Country and Visualize on Map in 3 Easy Steps

    What will we cover in this tutorial? Step 1: Get the data and merge it The data is available on wikipedia on List of countries by past and projected GDP. We will focus on data from 1990 to 2019. At first glance on the page you notice that the date is not gathered in one … Read more

    5 Steps to Master the Reinforcement Learning with a Q-Learning Python Example

    What will we learn in this article? The Q-Learning algorithm is a nice and easy to understand algorithm used with Reinforcement Learning paradigm in Machine Learning. It can be implemented from scratch and we will do that in this article. After you go through this article you will know what Reinforcement Learning is, the main … Read more

    4 Easy Steps to Understand Unsupervised Machine Learning with an Example in Python

    Step 1: Learn what is unsupervised machine learning? An unsupervised machine learning model takes unlabelled (or categorised) data and lets the algorithm determined the answer for us. The unsupervised machine learning model data without apparent structures and tries to identify some patterns itself to create categories. Step 2: Understand the main types of unsupervised machine … Read more