Hello World – Get Acquainted with the Environment

The first program in any language is the Hello World-program, which prints “Hello, World!” to the screen.

To get acquainted with the environment you will be working. Let’s try it out in the interactive environment.

How to make it run.

  • Step 1 Press run (marked with the green circle below)
  • Step 2 Check result (see image below on the right side it printed Hello World)
  • Step 3 Realize that it is not printing “Hello, World!”, but “Hello World”, which is wrong according to wikipedia.
  • Step 4 After you calm down, you realize you have the full power in Python and can change it in the left side of the interpreter (see image below).
  • Step 5 You go into panic mode again. You corrected the code, but it still writes the wrong stuff in the left side.
  • Step 6 After you calm down, you realize that you need to run the program again, like you did in step 1.
  • Step 7 Eventually, you want to get the original code back. How do you do that? (It will become necessary from time to time to reset to default code). Press the menu marked with blue in the top left corner in the image below.
  • Step 8 Press “Reset” in the menu (see image below).
  • Step 9 Press “Yes, I Am Sure!”
  • Step 10 And you are back to the start.
  • Step 11 If you do not feel comfortable about the process continue to step 12 otherwise you might exit prematurely.
  • Step 12 This is a 12-step program, which you should repeat until you get bored and want to proceed.

The above should make you comfortable about the environment you will be working in. Get ready for the next step to proceed.

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