Python from Scratch – Free Online Interactive Tutorial

Master the basics in Python in a structured way

Learn Python from scratch with this free online interactive tutorial to master the basics in Python.

Learn Python from Scratch

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Why start programming in Python?

Python is the chosen language to learn programming for various reasons.

Is Python only good?

Of course not. It all depends on what you want to achieve. If your primarily focus is to learn programming or is listed in the above list, it is a wise choice.

On the other hand, if you want to:

  • build smartphone or mobile apps,
  • work with highly demanding databases, or
  • focus on a specific skill that requires another language.

Then it is obviously not the language you should start with.

Other disadvantages are:

  • Higher memory consumption due to the flexible data types.
  • Errors show up at run-time as it is dynamically typed.
  • Other languages are faster than Python.

Does that make you confused? Flexible data types and dynamically types variables makes it easier for you to learn programming. The above listed disadvantages are mostly critical in highly specialized cases that most programs are far from to be affected by.

And if you are starting programming, the best choice is to journey with Python from Scratch.

How to learn programming in Python?

To learn how to program you need to start to program. Just like, you will not learn to bike by reading about it or watching others bike, you need to get on the bike and practice.

The key word is, you need to practice. But how and where to start?

  • Learn the basic building blocks of Python programming in a structured way.
  • For each building block try it by simple programming examples.
  • Solve small problems using the building blocks you master.
  • Repeat the learning-cycle for each basic building block you learn to add more.

It sounds difficult, but it is not that hard. It is common that learners try too many and too challenging things in programming before they master the basics. Not fully understanding the basic building blocks results in difficulties to develop functional programs. The key thing is to have a structured approach to learn the basics.

The good news is that Python is easy to master with a structured approach.

  • The necessary basics in Python is small to master the full potential of Python.
  • Fancy syntax is not needed, as it only confuses in the beginning.
  • Focus on the minimal simple syntax that gives the full power of programming in Python.

This free online interactive tutorial is structured as follows

This tutorial is structured in small learning cycles to cover all the basic building blocks that gives the programmer full power in Python.

  • Small and effective learning cycles.
  • Focus on basics building blocks to get full power in Python.
  • Keep the syntax as simple and easy to understand for an easier learning journey.

…and obviously, to keep it easy and fun to program.

Why use an interactive Python interpreter

Why not start in the real developer environment?

  • To get started fast.
  • No need to setup your own environment now.
  • And it is more than sufficient to get your learning started and solve awesome problems.

If you already have an environment setup, feel free to use it.

(Optional read) About me and how I learned programming

I got my first computer as 12 years old back in 1991. It was the best day of my life as I had wanted one for so long and all my friends had one. But I soon realized there was a problem with my computer. It was already too old to play any game on, like all my friends did on theirs.

Sitting staring on my biggest wish coming true, but not being able to use it for what I wanted it for, was a long stare. Eventually, I started typing in some simple programs. That soon turned into my biggest passion in life.

When I started programming I only had some code to investigate to get inspired. No books, no internet, no teacher, and no tutorial.

No, I am not a genius. It is that simple to learn to program. Today, even easier. You have Python and many online tutorials. Now, the problem is often you want to be one step ahead of your level.

Today, I am sitting with a master degree in Computer Science. Actually, I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science. More importantly, I have more than a decade of professional experience.

My key to success was not a good structure. It was pure commitment to program every day. I have seen many non-technical people learn programming faster than they dreamed of. All it took was commitment to program consistently every week, and to speed it up, have a structured approach to master the basics faster.

I hope you will enjoy Python from scratch.



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  1. Feel so inspired by the content of this page, about to complete my first beginner’s course in Python.

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