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Python for Finance 2021: Financial Analysis for Investing

Did you know that the No.1 killer of investment return is emotion?

Investors should not let fear or greed control their decisions.

How do you get your emotions out of your investment decisions?

A simple way is to perform objective financial analysis and automate it with Python!


  1. Performing financial analysis makes your decisions objective – you are not buying companies that your analysis did not recommend.
  2. Automating them with Python ensures that you do not compromise because you get tired of analyzing.
  3. Finally, it ensures that you get all the calculation done correctly in the same way.

Master Modern Security and Cryptography by Coding in Python

The biggest security myth: It takes a genius to understand cryptography!

I have long professional experience working in security business. The most talented guy (not me), only had the 9 years of basic school, the rest was self taught.

All it takes is an interested and play around with the crypto algorithms.

…and we are going to do that in this course.

This is a bestseller course and is designed to be easy to learn, while creating an in-depth understanding by coding all the theory in Python.

Great I feel awesome all the time with an instructor like him makes things very simple and very awesome. I have great deal of understanding towards the coarse witch is very important to me especially if am to understand it. Thank you very much.

Lucio (student)

Start OpenCV with Python: Real-time Processing with Webcam

In this course you will start your Computer Vision journey. You will learn how a computer extracts high-level understanding of what happens in a video. This will all be done by combining theory directly with hands on projects to speed up your learning curve.

This is a entertaining way to learn Computer Vision with practical projects at each stage in your learning journey.

Python for Data Science: Master NumPy & Pandas on Real Data

Data Science is the key to a great profession! Python is the easiest way to master it.

The best way to learn this Data Science is getting started with projects on real data. To master the different data types you need to understand the differences.

This course is designed to help you with that.

Amazing Course! I am learning Numpy & Pandas for the first time and this course taught me a lot!

Jyotish (student)

Master Data Structures for Optimal Solutions in Python

This is a highest rated course.

Understanding data structures is a key component to solve many computer programming challenges. This course will give you a foundation and solve various problems with you.

This is a must have if you are serious about programming and want to be considered an expert programmer.

This course was really useful for me. Thank you, Rune Thomsen for Your professional attitide and enthusiasm. I like the plot of the course , the proper examples and recommend it to advanced students in Python.

Emiliya (student)

Master Sort & Search Algorithm – Learn it Easy with Python

If you want to become a good programmer you need to have some basic understanding of the underlying programming concepts. The more programming concepts you understand, the more problems you can solve in Python.

In this course we will cover some essential sorting and searching algorithms in an straight forward and easy to understand way. You will be learning along the way and implement the various sorting and searching algorithms to get an understanding of it. 

Great crouse, step by step guide to master some sorting and searching algorithm in an easy way, and Rune is always here to help students; at that time, I enrolled in all of the Rune’s courses since about 3 months, and he is always quick answering to all of the questions in all of his courses.

Adel (student)

Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis – Full Power

Most courses fail in one way. They want to teach you too much at once.

This course will only focus on how to provide you a small basis of programming skills that will still give you the full power to solve problems.

In the end of the course you will create interesting statics from CSV files (don’t know what a CSV file is, don’t worry, we will cover that). Also, you will make a project where you create a maps showing where shooting incidents are in NY from real data.

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