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    Machine Learning

    Master Machine Learning without any High Level Degree

    Most people believe that Machine Learning requires:

    • A strong statistical background
    • University level mathematics
    • Proficiency in computer science

    Actually, that is a misconception of Machine Learning.

    One of the biggest kept secrets in the Machine Learning communities is that it does not require high level of statistics, mathematics, or any computer science degree to master.

    Why do most believe that?

    It is true that the invention and paradigms used in Machine Learning was created by people with high level degrees in these fields.

    But let me ask you a question. Could you build a car from scratch? Probably not. Can you drive a car down to the grocery store? Probably yes.

    You don’t need to be a car mechanics to drive a car.

    The same is true with Machine Learning – you do not need a high degree to use the models – you just need to know how to navigate them.

    And the easiest and most powerful way to do that is with Python.

    This explains why Python is the preferred language to use for Data Science and Machine Learning.

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