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    Python 101: A CRASH COURSE

    Did you know that most people don’t understand what programming is?

    Because of this, many people struggle to learn about programming and spend too much time learning insignificant aspects of it.

    A senior programmer knows that code is written once, but read hundreds of times.

    How does that change their approach to programming?

    Well, a programmer knows that it’s about creating the most efficient, unintuitive, and complex code constructions. They know that code is about readability.

    Code should be intuitive and straightforward to understand.

    Python 101

    Python 101: A CRASH COURSE

    • How to get started with this 8 hours Python 101: A CRASH COURSE.
    • Best practices for learning Python.
    • How to download the material to follow along and create projects.
    • A chapter for each lesson with a description, code snippets for easy reference, and links to a lesson video.

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