Learn Python FREE Online

Why learn Python?

There are many reasons to learn Python, and that is the power of it. Here are a few common strong uses of Python and how to learn Python free online.

We will dive into how you can learn Python in free online courses without spending any money. I will show you how you can get started with Python today.

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Why Python is the preferred language to learn

Why learn Python today and why it is popular?

See why Python is popular and why Python is easy to learn and the right choice for you to start with.

Readability – Easy to understand code!

  • Readability is a core principle in the design of Python.
    • Clear syntax The syntax makes Python easy to learn and is the key to its popularity.
    • Beginner friendly Because it is beginner friendly it enables people of different levels to cooperate on bigger complex Python projects.
    • Maintainable As the code is easy to understand it also makes it easier to debug and extend with new features later.

Versatile – Is used for a lot of different areas!

  • Versatile enables many different use cases for Python.
    • Big community Python is now more popular than Java and this has created a big community that makes it easy to get help in places like StackOverflow.
    • Used by big companies Just look at the list: Netflix, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Quora, Spotify, Reddit, Dropbox, and the list could go on.
    • Easy to change career If you learn Python you have great opportunities in many programming fields (see below, before we show you how to learn Python free online today).

Frameworks – Makes it easy to build your own projects!

  • Frameworks are fast and flexible.
    • Speed Python is an interpreted language and is often criticized for being slow. Most don’t understand that only 20% of the code takes up 80% of the processing time. With amazing libraries optimized in fast C/C++ code, it keeps the speed beyond expectations.
    • Easy to create Want to start web development? You will have your first web application running after a few hours of work. How, the power of frameworks like Django and Flask. I prefer FastAPI to create REST-APIs, the cornerstone in Cloud computing. The key is, you only write the simple part of the code, everything around the complex system is provided by the framework.
    • Scalable by design In the times of Cloud computing it is important to be able to scale up and down on resources on demand. Frameworks like FAST-API are created with this core principle behind them, which makes it easy to have running in big-scale companies as well as small startups.

Is Python right for you?

Want to learn Python? I want to teach you how to do it in the easiest, but most useful way. I connect with a lot of people that want to learn Python, but most of the time they didn’t think of what. Do yourself a favor and find out what you want to use Python for.

StackOverflow survey 2022: Most popular uses of Python

Why is it important to know what you want to use Python for?

Because it will save you time to learn.

Exactly, the more focus you have on your learning goals the faster you will learn them. I see people trying first to learn to build web applications with Python, then they try Machine Learning, then a bit of game development, and then what is the next thing?

Do you see the problem?

I know, the Power of Python is versatility, but it is also a curse. Why? Well, you can learn so many things, and most beginners want that. You don’t want to end up like that, knowing a little bit of every aspect of Python, but not mastering one aspect.

My best advice to you.

Find one aspect and learn Python for that first before you move on.

Learn Python for what?

Here you can find inspiration for the WHAT.

Uses of Python
  • Web applications Python has amazing frameworks to build web applications from scratch in frameworks like Django or Flask. It is the most preferred language when it comes to building full web applications with core functionalities.
  • Data Science / Data Analysis We are in the age of data, and Python has become the strongest language to use and is preferred over more specialized languages like R, since it offers a bigger community, which makes it easier to collaborate.
  • Machine Learning Python has the greatest collection of libraries to support Machine Learning and makes it the preferred language of choice.
  • Web Scraping This is actually a big industry and easy to start as a freelancer. It requires you to learn a few things, but the demand is huge. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the web scraping problem. Hence, the demand for specific web scraping tasks will continue to be in demand.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Python on your raspberry pi and you are writing your first application for IoT. Actually, this is a big industry where companies need to track their devices, machines, or production systems. This requires embedded monitoring software, which can be written in Python.
  • SaaS This is my favorite, in the age of Software as a Service (SaaS) we need people writing code that is prepared for the Cloud. The easiest way is to create REST APIs, which makes it easy. This can easily be done with the FastAPI framework.
  • Desktop Applications While not an expert in this field, Python should be widely used to create GUIs for desktop applications. But in the age of SaaS, I think we will see this becoming less and less common.
  • Game Development Well, it should be a big deal, Python projects in the gaming industry include Battlefield 2, Frets on Fire, World of Tanks, etc. These games use Python libraries like PySoy and PyGame for development.
  • Academic and Education Python is without any doubt the preferred language in the scientific communities. This makes it the preferred language for educational purposes as well.

Learn Python FREE Online – But just before you Start today

There are a lot of tempting options to start learning Python for free online. And that is great, but also can make it confusing at first.

If you nailed your WHAT. Great. If not, well here is the good news for you.

The starting point for learning Python is the same, but there are different approaches. Listen, the start is the same, next step is different.

Python specialization learning roadmap

The roadmap is as follows for all WHAT (specializations).

  • Learn the basics: Can read code.
    • What is programming? Variables, flows, booleans, etc.
    • This will equip you with a fundamental understanding.
    • Often you will not feel comfortable solving programming problems on your own, but you understand the code when you see the solution.
  • Solve things on your own: Can write code.
    • At this stage, you try to solve smaller coding problems and challenges on your own on pages like HackerRank.
    • You make small scripts solving simple tasks with Python.
    • This is before you really specialize still. This is where you go from can-read-code to can-write-code.
  • Create specialized projects: Can-create-projects.
    • Now you take specialized courses or in-depth tutorials to learn what you want.
    • Maybe you want to become a Data Scientist. Now you go in depth.
    • This enables you to be specialized and you can create projects with help from resources.
  • A specialist: Capstone project.
    • Now you start creating projects on your own without the help of courses or in-depth tutorials.
    • You still need to look up things (I do too all the time), so don’t bother about that.
    • You made your first Capstone project, say, it might have been a Machine Learning project without help.

Start to Learn Python FREE Online – The HOW Choice

You now know that the starting point of learning Python is the same.

But there still is one choice to make. How and where to start, right?

Let’s start with the HOW to start.

On a high level, there are the following choices.

How to learn Python?
  • Online interpreter You code in an online web application.
    • Pro You don’t need to install anything.
    • Con Most are not as good as the real thing and have problems and differences.
  • Notebooks
    • Pro They are used by professionals working with data. They are interactive and makes learning easy.
    • Con You need to install it.
  • IDE
    • Pro This is how most end up working professionally if you are not working as a data scientist or related area.
    • Con A lot to learn on top of just the programming aspect.

I must say, my experience helping people to learn Python programming easily, has shown me the best choice is Notebooks. And yes, this is no matter what you want to learn in the end. The IDE is difficult and the Online interpreters are not good to learn in.

On the other hand, Notebooks are amazing as you can learn easily in them.

What is a Notebook?

  • It runs in your browser locally from your laptop.
  • Then it is like a Notebook, you can write text, but also Python code.
  • This makes it easy to create learning material with descriptions (text) and cells with Python code.
  • They are interactive, meaning you can run code snippets from cells, which makes it easy to experiment without having to re-run a full program.

This clarifies the HOW to learn Python.

How to get Notebooks on your laptop?

  • Go to Anaconda and install the Anaconda distribution. It will install everything you need.
  • Then you have Python running on your system.
  • And also, Jupyter Notebooks, which still today is the best Notebook to learn Python programming.

Start to Learn Python FREE Online – The WHERE Choice

Now you have installed Anaconda, which installs Python and Jupyter Notebooks (and some other cool stuff too).

The next question is, where should you learn Python free online?

To be honest, there are a lot of good choices, but I made a great free Python online course for you. I have focused on making it as easy as possible.

  • 34 Prepared Jupyter Notebooks for your learning journey to master Python in an easy way.
  • 17 lessons taking one concept at a time, demonstrating it in a relatable way.
  • 17 projects from simple to more advanced, using the new concepts just demonstrated.
  • All lessons, project descriptions, and project solutions come with a video tutorial explaining and demonstrating everything for you.

“I have spent countless hours online over the past 5 years wondering where to begin. I never got a good guidance course online. When I found your program, I now feel I am making progress. I hope to improve my skills to the level I can be fully dedicated in this field. I am hopeful I will get back to a career in software engineering which was my vision in my young years.”

Gilbert (38 years old)

There are also a free eBook to help your learning. This course is focused on teaching you Python basics, but will end by creating machine learning model from scratch, a great next step to machine learning specialization.

This is what you get for FREE to learn Python.

  • The easy way to Learn Python FREE Online.
  • 8 hours of video content.
  • 17 lessons with one concept each.
  • 17 projects with descriptions and solutions.
  • An eBook that help you learning Python.

Full 8 hours FREE Python course here (see it here, but get started below).

Get the FULL FREE material: Follow LINK BELOW 👇

“Sir you are really awesome teaching skill. I am not at all coding background but after seeing ur videos I feel free to learn python. U makes me easy soo many things, I feel proud finally find tutor like you.. ,,♥️ from India”

Narayana M.

Get started here.

After you finish the course you can improve your skills and specialize with these resources.


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