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    Data Science

    Expert Data Science Blueprint

    Expert Data Science Blueprint is a 12+ hours FREE course – a journey from ZERO to MASTERY of Data Science.

    A 12 hours full Data Science course. We focus on getting you started with Data Science with the most efficient tools and the right understanding of what adds value in a Data Science Project

    Most use too much time to cover too many technologies without adding value and end up creating poor quality Data Science Project. You don’t want to end up like that! Follow the Expert Data Science Blueprint, which will give a focused template covering all you need to create successful Data Science Projects.

    This eBook covers

    • How to get started with this 12 hours Expert Data Science Blueprint course.
    • Description of the Data Science Workflow.
    • How to download the material to follow along and create projects.
    • A chapter to each lesson with Description, Learning Objective, and link to lesson video.

      Or see the full video here, but don’t cheat yourself for the eBook.

      Get the eBook and get this 12 hours course in 15 structured lessons with individual videos.