About these pages

Hi, I am Rune, PhD in Computer Science. I have worked with Big-Data backends for many years – system making Big-Data available to Data Scientist and Data Engineers.

I have helped many colleagues (Data Scientists/Engineers) to succeed with Python and I enjoy helping. This led me to creating this blog, online courses (both free and paid), writing eBooks – I just wanted help more people at scale.

The goal is to make you succeed faster with Python for Data Science and Machine Learning.

Keep it simple

…to make complex things simple…

Often supposedly complex things become even more complex than needed.


Because we are eager to showcase all the awesome stuff we master about this complex thing. The key is to take away all the unnecessary and focus only on what is relevant.

If You Can’t Explain it to a Six Year OldYou Don’t Understand it Yourself.

Albert Einstein

These pages are filled with my explorations to understand new areas that has caught my interest. I do not claim that they are perfect but they help me improve my understanding and help others on their way.

Simply said.

  • I like to code.
  • I like to learn.
  • I like to teach.

Always pass on what you have learned.

Yoda – Star Wars

My burning desire and principles

Yes, I do like to code. I do like to learn. And I do like teach.

But my true burning desires are captured in my 3 principles, which I try to guide my time here on planet earth.

  1. I do see life as a learning journey. It makes me feel engaged when I learn new things. I just love it. Coding and evolving my skills is a true desire of mine. The day I stop learning new stuff, is the day I leave planet earth.
  2. I love to help others succeed. The true fulfillment to help someone achieve their ambitions is unbelievable. Most people just need a bit of guidance, help to master something new to them, get the right words of encouragement, or someone believing they can succeed. Yes, the last one is more powerful than you can imagine. Remember how it feels when someone think you can achieve more than you do?
  3. Keep it playful. If what you are doing is not joyful, chances are that you should make some adjustment. Not that easy? Well, this has been a main driver in my life. I want it to be a joyful ride while here at planet earth. I insist it should be. And I made it become that. So can you.

I create these pages with these principles at heart.


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