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    Calculate the CAPM with Python in 3 Easy Steps

    What will we cover? In this lesson we will learn about the CAPM and how to calculate it. The objectives of this tutorial is: Step 1: What is the CAPM? The CAPM calculates the relationship between systematic risk and expected return. There are several assumptions behind the CAPM formula that have been shown not to hold in reality. … Read more

    How to use Linear Regression to Calculate the Beta to the General Market (S&P 500)

    What will we cover? In this lesson we will learn about Linear Regression, difference from Correlation and how to visualize Linear Regression. The objective of this tutorial is. Step 1: Similarities and differences between linear regression and correlation Let’s first see what the similarities and difference between Linear Regression and Correlation is. Similarities. Differences. Step 2: Visualize data with no … Read more