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    A Simple Implementation of Merge Sort in Python

    Understand Merge Sort in 6 Minutes Merge sort is one of the algorithms you need to master. Why? Because it is in the class of efficient algorithms and is easy to understand. But what does efficient mean? Let’s get back to that. First how does Merge Sort work? It takes the list and breaks it … Read more

    Master Insertion Sort and Implement it in Python

    Understand the algorithm Insertion sort is an awesome algorithm that has some quite interesting use-cases due to it nature. First understand the basics of it. Consider the list of integers. The above list has 10 elements. Now if you only consider the list of the first element (number 3), then that part is actually sorted. … Read more

    Bubble Sort Explained, Implemented in Python and Time Complexity Analysis

    What will we cover? What is Bubble sort and how does it work? On a high level, it takes an unsorted list and returns it sorted. How to implement Bubble sort in Python Well, notice the above description. It is straight forward and simple to implement. That is one of the beauties of the algorithm. … Read more