NumPy: Calculate the Julia Set with Vectorization

What will we cover in this tutorial? In this tutorial you will learn what the Julia set is and understand how it is calculated. Also, how it translates into colorful images. In the process, we will learn how to utilize vectorization with NumPy arrays to achieve it. Step 1: Understand the Julia set Juila set … Read more

NumPy: Compute Mandelbrot set by Vectorization

What will we cover in this tutorial? Understand what the Mandelbrot set it and why it is so fascinating. Master how to make images in multiple colors of the Mandelbrot set. How to implement it using NumPy vectorization. Step 1: What is Mandelbrot? Mandelbrot is a set of complex numbers for which the function f(z) … Read more

3 Steps to Plot Shooting Incident in NY on a Map Using Python

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