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    Understand the Security of One Time Pad and how to Implement it in Python

    What is a One Time Pad? A One Time Pad is a information-theoretical secure encryption function. But what does that mean? On a high level the One Time Pad is a simple XOR function that takes the input and xor’s that with a key-stream. Encryption and decryption are identical. Some requirements of the One Time … Read more

    Understand the Password Validation in Mac in 3 Steps – Implement the Validation in Python

    What will you learn? The password validation process in Mac How to extract the password validation values Implementing the check in Python Understand why the values are as they are The importance of using a salt value with the password Learn why the hash function is iterated multiple times The Mac password validation process Every … Read more

    How Caesar Cipher Teaches us the Most Valuable Lesson – Learn Kerckhoff’s Principle in 5 Steps with Python Code

    What will we cover? Understand the challenge to send a secret message Understand the Caesar Cipher How to create an implementation of that in Python How to break the Caesar Cipher Understand the importance of Kerckhoff’s Principle Step 1: Understand the challenge to send a secret message In cryptography you have three people involved in … Read more