Python Project: Fibonacci

Project Description The Fibonacci sequence is as follows. 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 … (continues) It is generated as follows. The next number is generated by adding the two last numbers. Write a program that prints the Fibonacci sequence. You will do it in two ways in this project. Step 1 … Read more

Python Project: ELIZA

How ELIZA works? It looks for simple patterns and substitutes to give the illusion of understanding from the computer (wiki). Example This can be done simply as follows. This can generate the following dialog. You can expand on this idea to make the conversation more real.

Python Project: ToDo List

Project Description The program you write can do 4 things. Step 1 The Data Model Deciding how the data is represented is the most crucial decision. Most do not think that there are many options. This choice is not given in the project description but impacts most of the other code. To see if a … Read more