42 Days of Python

How to learn to Python

To learn Python takes practice and commitment, whether you are new to programming or not.

If you want learn something new you will need to practice and have commitment to succeed. It is like learning to ride a bike. You do not expect to just sit on the bike are ride flawlessly from there on. It took practice. You fell off. The bike did not break by itself. The balance was not good enough. But you kept on doing it, because you wanted to learn it so bad.

It took practice and commitment to master it. Eventually you ride the bike without thinking about it.

Every new thing you want learn will take the same two element of practice and commitment. If you keep on practicing until you master it, you will succeed. It is that simple.


  • The more consistent you do something the higher chance of success.
  • Getting the habit of doing it every day is the best way to success.
  • Keep practicing until you master it. It is that simple.


  • If you stop after a few days you will not succeed, whether you practiced.
  • You need to continue for a long period of time.
  • No success came from small unstructured efforts.

What is the 42 Days of Python

The 42 Days of Python is a transformation program that gets you in the direction you want.

You know that all it takes in consistent practice to master Python and you are serious about getting started with Python or get your skills to the next level.

The 42 Days of Python is an open community to achieve 3 elements.

  • Keep you accountable to get your Python skills at the level you want.
  • A place to help, encourage, and inspire each others.
  • To keep it playful and fun.

Whether you are experienced or new to Python, this forum is for you.

But again, what is 42 Days of Python

Changing habits takes time

  • The idea that new habits could be formed in 21 days was made in a book Psycho-Cybernetics, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz.
  • This has later been shown to be highly context dependent and questionable.
  • If you commit to code Python every day for 42 days, you are on the right track at least.

Don’t have time?

  • How do you spend your time off? Binge-watching?
  • If you are honest to yourself, you could free up 60 minutes every day.
  • All programming takes, is practice while having fun.

Strategy to get on track

  • The more bold you are about setting your goals has a positive effect on your success.
  • If you write and publicly state your intentions, you are more likely to succeed.
  • You feel better. People encourage you. You see your progress and learning along the way.

The three rules of 42 Days of Python

  • You announce to take the 42 Days of Python challenge in the Facebook group.
  • You daily post your progress (it can be small steps).
  • Everyone should support and encourage all in the group.

…and remember to keep it fun and playful.

42 Days of Python

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