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Hi, I am Rune. I help people to learn Python.

I have always had a genuine passion for helping others to learn Python programming, which I took online in 2020 during the lockdowns. My background in the software industry and a Ph.D. in C.S. has given me great insights into what you need to learn to become a successful Python programmer.

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How to start to Learn Python?

If you are new to Python and you want to learn Python for free.

The following guide will get you started.

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Data Science Career Track

The most common track you could consider following is the Data Science Career Track.

  • Python Basics. First, you need a foundation in how to program in Python, which will enable you to create small programs on your own and understand coding fundamentals in Python. You can get that by following this free Python course.
  • Data Science for Beginners (Optional but recommended). Learn Data Structures for Data Science and Create Full Projects, which will enable you to understand the fundamentals of data structures for Data Science such that you can focus on creating valuable projects. You can get that by following this (paid) course  Data Science for Beginners: Master the Essentials.
  • Expert Data Science Blueprint. This will in a practical way teach you about the Data Science Workflow, which ensures you create projects with valuable insights. This is the whole process of a Data Scientist, an often overlooked aspect in other courses. You get the by following the free Expert Data Science Blueprint.
  • Machine Learning. Then you need to broaden your toolbox with more Machine Learning models, which will enable you to create more valuable insights from the data. You can do this in the free Machine Learning course.

You have the option to upgrade to get help from me and get more course content as well as more courses supporting your journey.

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Data Science Career Path

Data Science is in a cross-field of different fields. Understand what it takes.

  • Math and Statistics – you don’t need to be an expert.
  • Programming with NumPy and DataFrames – just a few things and you are good to go.
  • Machine Learning – how you can use data to predict and give value.
  • Domain Knowledge – understand what you work with.
  • Data Visualization – tell stories with data.
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